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Site news
View here for the news on the site
10 31 Monday, 2008-06-30, 1:57 PM
Thread: Site Closing
Posted by: aznboi2go
Introduce yourself to the gfx community here
5 22 Friday, 2008-06-13, 6:35 AM
Thread: YO!
Posted by: jerix
General Chat
Talk about anything here (Keep it appropriate)
Forum moderator: ImDownloading4MyR4
8 43 Thursday, 2008-07-24, 11:10 PM
Thread: What went on
Posted by: jerix
Hey I wanna hear what you want so post it here and it may just come true
4 17 Thursday, 2008-06-12, 6:13 AM
Thread: icon for this website
Posted by: jerix

Gfx Section
Show off your sigs here and why not try to battle someone
18 50 Thursday, 2009-10-15, 8:25 PM
Thread: Matsumoto Rangiku Sig
Posted by: enmeh
Here is where your awsome cool avatar would be at
2 13 Tuesday, 2008-06-17, 9:56 AM
Thread: My avatar
Posted by: jerix
If you made a banner for someone post it here
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If you made someone a sig or something without them knowing then post it here
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If there was something you made that doesn't belong there most likely its going to go over here
1 4 Tuesday, 2008-06-24, 6:31 AM
Thread: Cloud Strife (Face)
Posted by: jerix

Sig faceoff (official)
Here is where the official SOTW takes place
2 24 Thursday, 2008-06-05, 1:39 PM
Thread: SOTW #2
Posted by: aznboi2go
Sig faceoff (UNofficial)
Here is were you guys can come up with any challenge u like
2 10 Wednesday, 2008-06-18, 6:13 AM
Thread: Admin I challange you!
Posted by: jerix

Request section
Avatar Request
Don't have a good idea for an avatar then ask for one here
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Other Requests
For any other request you might have take it over here
1 1 Tuesday, 2008-07-22, 3:44 AM
Thread: Banner request
Posted by: jerix
Sig Request
Request sigs here
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Video Games
Game talk
Talk about the various games you play right in here (GTA IV,Halo 3,etc.)
3 5 Wednesday, 2008-06-11, 9:20 PM
Thread: GunZ the duel
Posted by: ImDownloading4MyR4
Battle Royale
Itching for a fight request it here and people might respond
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Console Chat (present)
Wanna talk about a console (2006-now) do it right here
1 4 Friday, 2008-06-06, 6:41 PM
Thread: Favorite Console
Posted by: ImDownloading4MyR4
Console Chat (past)
Talk about your old consoles (then-2006) here
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Clan chat
Got a clan??? Talk about them here
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Clan Starter
I know this is weird to this site but if you wanna start a clan do it here
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Misc. Stuff
Hey everyone has got to let some steam out so might as well do it here
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It is defined as americans luncheon meat also a way to advertise your stuff
4 52 Thursday, 2009-10-15, 8:25 PM
Thread: Good Image Hosting Site
Posted by: siemene
Youtube videos
Post youtube videos here whatever they are as long as they are youtube videos
3 11 Saturday, 2008-06-07, 0:06 AM
Thread: Taco Bell rap commercial
Posted by: jerix
Funny Stuff
Go here to post your funny pics and vids and have fun here
3 8 Friday, 2008-05-30, 5:00 AM
Thread: Halo mornings
Posted by: jerix
I can't list them all but all others go over here!!!
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User Status
Shameful Users
Banned members and their status goes here....
Forum moderator: aznboi2go
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